Saturday, May 26, 2007

No to Al Gore for president 2008

Absolutely no, Al Gore should not run for president because this isn't the time for idle auditioning. Furthermore, his action will adversely disrupt the serious business of electing a democrat as president.

Upon reflection, Gore made crucial political miscalculations which gave George Bush the keys to the White House, the outcome of which is the worst thing that could ever happen to America. Now, let’s count the ways Gore messed up.

First, he chose Joe Lieberman as his VP running mate, a terrible idea and clearly an indictment of Gore's judgment. It’s evident that he caved under the pressure of AIPAC. Look what havoc old Joe Lieberman is inflicting on the ability of Democrats to effect positive change in the senate. Dare I continue?

Second, Gore distanced himself from Bill Clinton, an act that greatly diminished his effectiveness in presenting the successful accomplishments of the goals of their administration.

In essence, Gore threw away his report card while interviewing for the job of becoming president, an unforgivable act of reckless arrogance and ignorance.

Third, Gore lacked consistent poise in his public pronouncements and demeanor. The debates were particularly disappointing and certainly did not inspire enduring mass appeal. Not good if you run a tight presidential race.

Fourth, Gore was too lame with his handling of the Florida ballot rigging job. He didn't show enough zeal in fighting for the right to count and recount the pregnant chards until they bore vote babies. He let the masses down and the memory is still very fresh.

Fifth, Gore lost to George W Bush. How could he? That in itself is good enough reason why he shouldn't run for president.

Sixth, America needs a new face of politics, a refreshing and reassuring candidate who will restore our lost glory and lead America to a new greatness. The man is Barack Obama.

So there you have it, six good reasons why Al Gore shouldn't run for president.


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