Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Exit Rosie O'Donnell, enter who? $20mill question

Exit Star Jones, enter Rosie O’Donnell, exit Rosie, and enter who? This is the 20 million dollar question.

Before Rosie sat on the view's musical chair, the show was just another dull garden variety chart show with little to offer in the form of real social and political views; how ironic?.

Along came Rosie, who sparked life into the show, offering thought provoking views on subject matters that viewers found very interesting and relevant.

Rosie was bold and courageous enough to speak the forbidden truths. She took the show to a level beyond the mental capacity of her shy and conservative co hosts.

She attracted a large audience and boosted ratings. She stirred the imagination and made people happy for once because finally, the prevailing propaganda network of the right wing Republican Party and the White House were challenged on prime time.

Of course, such bravado couldn't continue unchecked. The right wing propaganda machine got spooked and turned their media hound dogs to relentlessly attack abc and Disney.

Sadly, abc and Disney capitulated and turned out the light on Rosie and the followers of truth. What a shame on abc for being so cowardly against a perverted Bill O’Reily and other right wing nuts.

Now that Rosie is gone, what will little miss Elizabeth the right wing tooth pick babe do?


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