Saturday, December 22, 2007

Obama vs Hillary

Only days before the Iowa primary, Obama, Hillary and Edwards are running neck and neck on the stretch to the finish line. As a betting observer, I put my money on Obama to win, Edward to place and Hillary to show.

The campaign rhetoric has been hot and negative mostly from the Hillary camp. The lady was dubbed the inevitable candidate to win the democratic nomination by a partial and manipulative media influenced by the Clinton political machine. The Des Moines Register is an example. Every body would have swallowed the propaganda, matched along like sheep, just waited in the end to crown her majesty Hillary the president except, Barack Obama and the smart people of Iowa have something to say about it.

This race has come down to Hillary vs. Obama and it presents a serious challenge to the American voters starting with the Iowa primary. The dilemma facing voters is the choice between a fresh thinking and capable leader Barack Obama and a crafty and divisive political opportunist Hillary Clinton. Let's examine the two candidates carefully before casting the critical vote to turn this country around or continue in the path of national suicide.

Barack Obama is a very fine presidential specimen. He is highly intelligent, intuitive, eloquent, charismatic and inspirational. He has methodically crafted himself, guided by great vision and inner strength into a very successful family man and influential politician. In a word, he is a great achiever.

Contrast Obama to Hillary Clinton and the difference is quite remarkable. Hillary simply doesn't posses the endearing qualities of Obama. She has ridden the coat tail of Bill Clinton to political stardom. Much has been made of her experience but this claim is weak considering that Hillary was no VP nor did she hold any political position in the White house.

Hillary flunked the only meaningful healthcare assignment that Bill gave her. She voted for the war in Iraq, and then supported the dumb declaration of the revolutionary guard of Iran as terrorist. She said we are safer now but not safe enough. She said she would not communicate with the leaders of the three axis of evil thus planning to maintain the failed Bush doctrine. It’s ironic that she has supported critical bush positions yet is a very vocal critic. Such opportunism reflects a very serious character flaw.

Hillary's report card is full of failures even without going into her personal life, something republicans delight in. This writer loathes that tactic and deplores it. Now, would you trust the judgment of Hillary Clinton as your leader if your money and life depended on it? The obvious answer is no. So, why should she be president of the United States?

Obama and Hillary should be judged by their performance in this campaign. Hillary started on third base, backed by an ex president and the full weight of special interest groups and their media. Obama started at first base and is now on third base while Hillary panics and sweats and we all see it.

Obama has clearly demonstrated superior organization, management and political skills. What better credentials can there be to qualify for the job of being president. No body from history has presidential experience because they never occupied the office prior to being elected. They are elected president because voters speculate on their strengths, character, likeability and fit.

About the issue of experience, no democrat should be elected to the White House simply because they have the experience of beating off miserable republicans in personal wars. The country has no need for such divisive encounters. If Hillary was nominated and became president, the country will be rocked with furious political and social wars and nothing will be accomplished in the next four pitiful years.

This is the time for real change and Barack Obama is the real deal. A vote for Hillary will be the third coming of George W Bush. No, please no, spare the nation the agony and the horror. Keep the Clintons away from the White House.

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