Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hillary vs Obama, change trumps bad experience

This writer predicted the outcome of the Iowa democratic caucus with unabashed boldness, Obama to win, Edward to place and Clinton to show. It happened just as predicted because the hand writing was on the wall and it was clear enough for all the wise to see.

The Obama phenomenon is very inspiring and it provides sufficient impetus for Americans to be audacious and hopeful just like the man says.

What now New Hampshire?

This awesome Obama force that was unleashed in Iowa is going to gain momentum like the rush of an atomic blast that will sweep across this nation with unimaginable impact on the political, social and economic landscape of America and indeed the world.

There is no doubt, the Obama success in Iowa is going to be repeated in New Hampshire with the same impressive margin of victory and a decisive demolition of the vaunted Clinton machine. The people of New Hampshire like Iowans are going to show clarity of purpose and reasoning by choosing Obama over Hillary.

The Clintons represent the old and corroded institutions that have long since ceased to serve the best interest of America. It is not surprising that the message of hope and change so eloquently expressed by Obama is resonating so well amongst the afflicted and anxious masses.

Obama is the elegant, energetic and persuasive flag bearer of this new vision and has started the wave that will be almost impossible to arrest. Any one who stands in the way of this wave will be swept into obscurity and Hillary is feeling the punch.

Observe that all the candidates including the republicans are now echoing the substance of the Obama message of hope and change. This is a good thing and it also proves without a doubt, that Obama is an effective change driver. Obama while methodically dismantling the old guard is now setting new rules and performance standards for the other candidates of both parties to emulate. This is a stroke of genius.

Now, how's that for a candidate who is said to lack vital presidential experience? For those still unconvinced that Obama's superior ability trumps the superficial experience of Hillary and others, please stand back and watch a master at work. In the end, please vote for Obama in spite of yourself and invest in the future of America.

The Clintons have been around the block for a while and now the time has come to pass the torch of leadership to a new generation championed by Obama. The tide is changing, yesterday it was Iowa, today it's New Hampshire and tomorrow it will be South Carolina and then Super Tuesday. Good bye Hillary and welcome Obama. Long live America.

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