Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hillary, don't tears me sis

Hillary, don't tears me sis

The 2008 presidential campaign started off with Hillary as the inevitable establishment candidate. Her earlier attitude was that of supreme confidence bordering on a twinge of guarded arrogance.

To emphasize strength during the debates, Hillary stated that she was not being attacked because she was a woman but only because she was winning.

Hillary also stated that she won't attack other democratic candidates but would rather direct her attacks towards GWB and the republicans.

Hillary claims that she is more electable because she has been tried, tested, proven and stamped ready to be president.

Since then, Hillary's confidence meter has plummeted. She is now feeling the impact of the formidable Obama change movement. Things are happening fast and fear has struck the Clinton flag ship. By observing poll numbers in New Hampshire, the panic button was pushed and the distress alarm went off like this.

SOS to all women and sympathizers, I am in troubled waters and my ship has struck a rock. Water is boarding ship and I am sinking fast. Please dispatch rescue teams on the double to save me from instant doom. Please save my White House dream.

With a cleverly set stage, a planted person and a pre crafted question, Hillary performed and shed the mystery tears that to a great extent changed the dynamics of the New Hampshire primary.

The end result of this girly drama of course was a victory for Hillary Clinton. Under other circumstances, the tear drama could have passed as brilliant but since this race is to elect a president, the act was lamentable.

In the days leading to the primary, the tag team of Bill and Hillary launched a massive campaign, whining and complaining about bad press coverage and favoritism towards Obama. They marginalized Martin Luther King; race baited Obama and used the female card.

Given these events, it’s becoming crystal clear that Obama is the superior candidate for the job of president. Please Hillary, don’t tears me sis.

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