Sunday, January 13, 2008

Stop the war, Democrats can't do

What war? This is not war. Somebody aptly called it "Bumper sticker war" and indeed, that's what it is.

To call the Iraq escapade a war is a mockery of the highest order and an assault upon our collective intelligence.

There are lots to be gained from this military adventure namely, money, power and influence.

Those who profit from the spoils of this adventure are the privileged few found along the corridors of politics in Washington and corporate boardrooms across the globe.

Just as well, there are losers as a result of this misadventure. Losers are the soldiers who continue to lose their lives and limbs and their families and friends who pay the ultimate price.

Losers are the tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis who die without a cause other than being the unfortunate victims of circumstances thrust upon them by the cruel hands of fate.

Losers are the American people who continue to work hard to build fortunes that are squandered without accountability.

Losers are Americans whose quest for national resources to invest in their future education, health care, infra structure and economy are considered entitlements slated to be chopped by pandering politicians.

Losers are Americans who continue to be stripped of their liberties in exchange for security that can't be guaranteed.

Losers are Americans who continue to live in fear of a bearded monster that can not be sighted, ensnared nor silenced.

Losers are Americans who vote to effect change only to be disregarded as hapless morons with chips they are bound to cast without the benefit of a return on their investment.

With all things considered, what incentives are there to stop this "war"? So long as winners continue to win and losers continue to lose and there is no shift in the balance of power, the status quo will remain.

So, ask your leading candidates for president what they can do for you and not what you can do to give them power.

If a candidate ever voted to put you in the loser column by voting for the Iraq war, remember that as you cast your vote. I have not mentioned Hillary, not once in this diary.

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