Monday, January 14, 2008

Barack Obama, an equal opportunity candidate

It's obvious that Obama is not white enough and certainly not black enough. He presents himself however as an equal opportunity candidate and the beacon of hope for a united America.

There's a piece of him for the white color conscious voter and a piece of him for the black color conscious voter. Then there’s the whole of him for the color blind liberated rational voter. It would be nice if race was not a factor, but let's not kid ourselves; race is alive and well and the Clintons are exploiting it shamelessly.

For the first time, African-Americans are presented with a candidate who shares their heritage and who also has a legitimate chance to be nominated and eventually elected president of the United States.

Obama is specially gifted and when contrasted head to head with Hillary is far superior both in judgment, character, temperament and intellectual prowess. He also has sufficient relevant experience and vision to make good decisions where Hillary has been opportunistic and has failed on critical issues like voting for the war and mismanaging the national health insurance project in the White House with Bill Clinton.

It appears that Blacks are split and indecisive about their choice between Obama and Hillary. The tag teams of Bill and Hillary Clinton have mounted a serious negative campaign to diminish the stature of Obama. They have introduced the race and gender cards in an effort to bait and destroy him. They seem to be succeeding with a certain class of people.

Blacks should not allow themselves to be manipulated by the Clintons or their surrogates. They should free themselves from mental slavery and exercise wisdom by giving Obama victory not because he is black but because he is more qualified to lead the nation. They should reject any attempts by the so called Black leaders who may try to persuade them from doing the right thing.

By voting for Obama, Blacks can help the nation by defeating the Clinton machine who if allowed back in the white house will engage this country in an endless divisive internal strife with ugly consequences. It’s time for a positive change and African Americans can contribute significantly.

It’s also time for Blacks to divorce themselves from their stagnant visionless leadership and pave a new path to freedom and prosperity by aligning with the movement for change we can believe in according to Obama.


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