Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hillary Clinton visits Omaha, Nebraska

So Hillary visited Nebraska to make history. This trip can be dismissed as being a simple good will gesture to reward the dedication of the remote out post members of the Dem party. After all, these modest people are donating hard earned cash to the Obama campaign.

In reality, Nebraska is stained with red so thick that no amount of political bleach can alter the hue.

As far as a presidential ticket is concerned, Nebraska will vote for a duck if it's clad in a republican cape. That's just how hopelessly unprogressive the state is. Even the once mighty football Huskers are now kittens to be kicked around. Light will not shine here any time soon.

Truth be told, Rush and Hannity will win the race for Governor in Nebraska even as write-in candidates. These two cons are heroes in NE. Get the point?

For a conservative state, Nebraska is one of the highest taxed states in the nation. The NE economy is largely rural farm, service and retail industries fed by low wage earning exploited unsophisticated mass.

Don't know how much Hillary enjoyed the trip to Nebraska but she has to be muttering unprintable things about Obama on her way home. What a price to pay for losing a primary.

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