Monday, October 20, 2008

Powell endorsement of Obama, race based?

General Powell demonstrated great wisdom and statesmanship by openly endorsing Obama over McCain as the man best qualified to lead the United States into the future.

Powell was very clear in contrasting the two candidates before deciding on Obama. He concluded without a doubt that Obama is intellectually superior to McCain. He was impressed by how Obama has structured and is running a smooth, effective and highly efficient campaign compared to the pathetically disjointed and ineffective McCain campaign.

Another important consideration for Powell's decision was McCain's poor choice of Sarah Palin for VP. Palin sadly has turned out to be more of a comic relief than a serious VP material. This development is a clear indictment of John McCain's judgment. The man is always wrong.

The likelihood of death due to old age or resurgent cancer for McCain is very real. The thought that this woman Palin plucked from the wilderness of Alaska and equipped only with moose politics and sparse national insight can step in and be president is very disturbing. Say it isn’t so McCain.

One of the most significant reason for Powell’s defection is the fact that the McCain campaign has degenerated into a scum machine defying all codes of decency. McCain’s campaign has been taken over by the evil agents of the extreme right and McCain is too desperate to exercise any moderation. McCain is trapped in a web he can’t escape from. What a terrible price to pay for aligning with demagogues just to win an election.

Supporting Obama, a simple act of honesty and patriotism by Powell has sparked negative reaction laced with racism and bigotry. This reaction underscores the fact that the element of racism is as thick as a London fog in this presidential campaign as much as it is pervasive in mainstream America and her institutions.

This election is going to serve as a barometer to gauge the degree to which American civilization has advanced since the dark days of Jim Crow. The big question is who will rule the day, bigots or decent progressive patriotic American citizens? Time will tell.

George Will should be ashamed of himself for citing race as Powell's motive for supporting Obama. George owes Powell an apology for the undeserved insult. Has George Will accused Joe Liebermann of supporting McCain because McCain is white? What does George Will have to say about the Reagan democrats?

It seems only convenient that race is an issue because Obama, Powell and the black voting block all have one thing in common, their blackness. What a despicable hypocrisy. Isn’t it time to embrace positive change? It will be good medicine for America.

Pat Buchanan echoes the same negative racial sentiments he has been known for over the years. How can Pat question the integrity of Powell more so the qualification of Obama? Pat failed in his bid to be president. He lacked the skill and savvy to run a successful presidential campaign. Pat should bow down and salute Obama rather than raise doubts about Obama’s experience.

Rush Limbaugh is in character and his racist comment was hardly a surprise. Rush is an ill conceived, ill bred and an irredeemable bigot. Sure Rush is rich but he is still a filthy pig.

Wordtodawise is certain that Obama will be elected president of the United States. The stakes are too high to risk another four years of George Bush impersonated by McCain or Palin.

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Copeland said...

"Has George Will accused Joe Liebermann of supporting McCain because he is Jewish?"

...I don't follow.

Are you stating McCain is Jewish? He isn't.