Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Jeremiah Wright, the conscience that keeps ticking

Sean Hannity, the right wing propagandist mouth piece, a loathsome and evil fellow, worked hard to launch Jeremiah Wright as Obama's version of the swift boat attack scheme.

It's quite clear what the overall strategy of the Jeremiah Wright plot is all about. Having observed that Barack Obama is a formidable candidate on the brink of demolishing the vaunted Clinton political machine, the right wing republican operatives have kicked off vicious personal attacks against Obama in order to weaken and destroy him.

Guilt by association is the obvious tactics being employed by the right wing and neo-con operatives. The idea is to invoke racial hatred and incite the anger of the fragile independent white voters to turn against Obama the black candidate.

Choosing Jeremiah Wright as the bait for the hate Obama campaign is a grievious mistake because Jeremiah Wright is a brilliant, fearless and combative preacher with a mission to remain the conscience of America that keeps on ticking.

Jeremiah Wright is being demonized for telling the truth about the ills of American foreign and domestic policies that have brought great harm to the country. The future security and economic prosperity of America is in serious danger if things don't change in the positive direction.

Attacking Jeremiah Wright to get to Obama will backfire. The reverend Wright will not be silenced. He will continue to tell the bitter truth that will continue to prick the conscience of a nation entrapped by ignorance and apathy and lead by a bunch of reckless, mindless and corrupt politicians.

The Obama campaign is worried sick and wish that the reverend Wright disappears into dark matter. This is wrong thinking. That's what the right wing republicans want. They want to be able to spin the issue without contest and force Obama to be on the defensive.

The best way to counter the republican onslaught is to go on a full scale counter offensive. Turn the reverend loose and let him keep delivering his message to the people. The republicans don’t want the reality of their failed policy to be pronounced so vigorously as only the reverend can.

What the Obama camp can't do is to play weak on any game the opponents present. Obama is in a position of strength and he should drive his adversaries into the earth. Don't dump the reverend. Let truth reign


Anonymous said...

Right on. The rev Wright is a hot preacher and certainly speaks the truth. Obama should have answered his critics straight on and not dis the Rev.

I think Obama got his spiritual start and political vision from Wright. It is sad that the Republicans will still use race to score political points with ignorant white voters in this day and age.

The First Domino said...

You write well and have a lot to say.

Keep it going.

I'll be back for updates.